An out of work programmer stumbles upon a cataclysmic warning hidden within a stream of code. He is confronted by a secret society who give him the opportunity to prove his loyalty and the opportunity to save the world from impending doom.

Written and Directed by John Robson
Director of Photography - Andrew Truong
Original Score and Sound design by Fab Martini

Full Credits below.

Full Credits:


Carter - Andrew Houston
Ryan - Ross Shaw
M00nchild - Nihan Gur
Susan - Ashley Becerra
9/11 Witness - Tamara Robson
Tsunami Witness - Serge Raharilanto

Conscience Collective:
Alexander Stegmaier
Andrew Haryluk
Andrew Houston
Andrew Truong
Archie Prudencio
Ash Wagers
Daniel Zhang
Emily Xie
Grace Lee
Jane Prudencio
John Robson
Katrina Guevara
Kevin Ferrara
Kierra Capers
Marco Campobosso
Matthew Encina
Monica Martin
Nihan Gur
Paul Hargrave
Paul Pianezza
Ralph Hsiao
Ram Bhat
Scott Rothstein
Yas Koyama

Director - John Robson
Writer - John Robson
Director of Photography - Ash Wagers
Producer - Paul "Pizza" Pianezza
Producer - Alexander Stegmaier
1st AC - Archi Prudencio
2nd Unit Director of Photography - Ash Wagers
Gaffer - Louis Trinh
Sound Recording - Kean Levreault
Sound Mixing - Fab Martini
Soundtrack - Fab Martini
Editor - John Robson
Art Department - Moniqa Somera-Overly
Jeffrey Tang
Key Makeup Artist - Jane Prudencio
Key Costumer - Katrina Guevara
PA - Ralph Hsiao
Craft Services - Tamara Robson
Post Production and VFX - Late Lunch
Additional VFX - Dušan Vukčević
Rotoscope Artist - Tamara Robson
Match Mover - Jamie Barty

Special Thanks
Chris Do
Peter Sidoriak
Kean Levreault

Filmed on Location in
Los Angeles, CA
Pointe d'Esny, Mauritius
Toamasina, Madagascar