In the fall of 2005, motion designer John Robson looked up from his work one day, realizing he had worked well into the afternoon, so immersed in his project that he had forgotten to eat. From that moment on, Late Lunch Inc. came into existence. 

Over the years Late Lunch has expanded and flexed with the industry, be it one-man band John Robson or a team of fellow artists. Whether it's collaboration between studios or working independently, Late Lunch has taken on every challenge that the industry has presented and stands proudly by their work.

Late Lunch specializes in both live action and post production, including 3D animation, conceptual design, compositing, and virtual reality.

Director John Robson has over 15 years experience working behind the camera and behind the box and his passion is finding creative ways of fusing design and vfx into live action, be it for advertising or telling a story. 

Finding the balance between work and life is always challenging in this industry. But even more important is understanding irony, like writing this entire article in 3rd person as if it were a biography to sound important, even though I'm writing it myself. 

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