Finish - shine & Protect

Company :: Blind
Role :: VFX Supervisor / 3D animator / Smoke Simulations / Compositor

behind the scenes

A breakdown of one of the key shots from our animated spot for Quantum Finish shine & Protect. We used a combination of Maxon Cinema 4D, X-Particles, and Turbulence FD. Rendered in Maxwell Render. Watch the original spot here: Music by REPLY:

In this dramatic spot for Quantum Finish, the Shine and Protect Orb goes head-to-head with an evil dragon’s corrosive breath to defend your precious glassware from clouding and scratches.

To create the dragon’s corrosive breath, we used a sophisticated combination of particle simulations out of Turbulence FD and X-particles for Cinema 4D.

Full Credits: 


Agency: Havas Worldwide
Creatives: Phil Beaumont, André Moreira
Producer: Charlotte Marshall, Simon Stewart, Sahar Bluck


Production Company: Blind
Creative Director: Matthew Encina
Executive Producer: Tobin Kirk
Post Producer: Danny Fleet, Megan Kennedy, Amy Knerl
Designers: Daniel Kim, Emily Xie
3D Animators: John Robson, Aaron Knapp, Daniel Zhang, Ivan Cruz, Derrick Sesson
Vfx Supervisor: John Robson
Compositors: John Robson, Ash Wagers, Lawrence Wyatt, Daniel Zhang
Modelers: Derrick Sesson
Storyboard Artist: Ben Kendall
Illustrator: Jaekyung "Jaguar" Lee (Concept Artist)
Editor: Stuart Schuster