Nike Lunar

Visualize, stylize, materialize. Behind this mantra, we produced a series of dynamic spots that culminated into one sizzle for the 2014 Nike Lunar family. Like Jay at an all-protein buffet, our job was twofold: craft a set of photo-real CG shoes capable of standing up to the diverse macro shots found in the edit, and to metaphorically elude to the verticality, speed, and the impact cushioning that Lunarlon provides with abstracted lines that are pulled from the design cues found on each shoe. It was an exercise in restraint, defined by a “keep it simple” philosophy and directed by the accuracy of the product.

Studio: Royale
Role: CG trails animation / Compositing

I was called upon by Royale to reunite with the original Ipod Nano dream team to resurrect and old technique that we made famous a decade ago and add a new spin to it by making it an extension of each shoe. The resulting eye candy is hard to look away from.